Tree Vs. Fence: The Tree Always Wins

Tree Vs. Fence: The Tree Always Wins

Sometimes a fence’s worst enemy can be the tree living alongside it.  God forbid a dead branch would fall on your precious fence and ruin your day.  Sometimes its just easier to say goodbye!

You’ve identified the signs and symptoms. You’ve grieved enough. But it’s official… It’s time for your tree to be removed. 

Now that you’ve called your local tree company, you’re probably wondering what to expect when they finally come. What goes on during the tree removal process? How much is this going to cost? Are there any necessary steps I should take in advance? To help you with the preparations, we’ve made a list of things you should anticipate. 

Uh huh, you’re welcome.

There are multiple determinants on how the tree removal will pan out. And we’re here to guide you through it to ensure a safe removal for you and everyone around you.

Here’s the rundown.

  • Oh No, My Poor Wallet!

I bet you’re already dreading how much this is going to cost. But to give you a rough approximate— for a relatively small tree, it costs about a couple of hundred dollars. But if we’re dealing with a big tree, it may hit the thousand mark. But if you want anything specific, don’t sweat. Most tree services offer a free estimation when they come to inspect it.


  • Read the Fine Print

When the tree company draws up a contract, before you sign— make sure to read it. Really read it. It must include all the services you want to receive for your tree. If there’s some stuff missing from there, you can always negotiate and draw up another contract that’s agreeable to both parties.


  • Send me Your Location


Let’s say the tree is pretty huge, but if you have the advantage of living in a massive estate, the tree removal can be executed without a hitch! As long as there are no obstructions in the direction where the tree is supposed to fall, the tree company can just cut it down the old-fashioned way. Just like the stuff you see in movies. 

But, if you’re a mundane city person, like most of us— it’s likely that you have neighbors, utility posts, and modest yards. They can’t just let the hacked tree fall in your neighbors’ yard (no matter how much you may want them to), so they’ll cut the branches one by one, and lower it using a rope to avoid disturbance in your area.


  • Pave the Way

Expect that there is gonna be a lot of commotion in your yard. Arborists and workers will flow in and out to assist in the tree removal. In light of this, it’s best if you think ahead and clear the way, so that they could do their jobs a lot more efficiently. While you’re at it, remove the things near the tree that could shatter in case of any freak accidents.


  • The Finale

After accomplishing the tree removal, it would leave a short stump. Tree services charge you extra if you want them removed, so in case you do, keep that in mind. What happens to the wood depends on your arrangement, but you can get it chopped and piled at the side.


We’ve shared what’s likely to happen to your tree in the following days, so you could prepare the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, you could say to expect the expected.